Where do the borders disappear?


Iris Andraschek, Hubert Lobnig (2009) – Wo verschwinden die Grenzen? Kam mizí hranice?

The installation by Iris Andraschek and Hubert Lobnig Hubert Lobnig on the border pass Fratres/Slavonice originally done in 2009 and its further stage now opens the debate on how the borders have changed.

„Borders are vacillating. This does not mean that they are disappearing. Less than ever is the contemporary world a „world without borders“. On the contrary, borders are being both multiplied and reduced in their localization and their function; they are being thinned out and doubled, becoming borders zones, regions or countries where one can reside and live. The quantitative relation between „border“ and „territory“ is being inverted.“


Étienne Balibar: Politics and the other Scene, Verso, London, New York

Inside of the Schengen space, the hard border has become a part of history, while the borders of Schengen itself remain a ‘fortress’ with fences, walls, trying to protect itself from the flow of asyl-seekers. 

Press release to the installation
text and pictures of the original project on website of Hubert Lobnig
invitation to the event @ esel.at: http://esel.at/termin/72707
An article on ORF Lower Austria:  http://noe.orf.at/news/stories/2664323/

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