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Feature by Jürgen Rendl about the intervention on Main Railway Station Bratislava, Slovakia on Radio Slovakia International. Feature in German.


see more photos from the event by Lucia Mandincová



‘ A commemorative event for the occasion of anniversary of November ’89, in Old Market, Bratislava.

In the present situation of Europe, some memories overlap with the reality. New fences in creation on southern borders of Europe are in contrast with tearing down the fences which once built the Iron Curtain. Many in our society stand in front of dilemma – is it a symbol of freedom for which we jingled the keys for – the freedom to guard the fences from our side of the border against the stream of refugees, or to help those, which exhausted and without a shelter do stand on the other side of the fence?’

Today and tomorrow in Bratislava

New bus line Kittsee – Rusovce (?)


‘In connection to the gradually growing migration of citizens of Bratislava and its surroundings to the bordering neighborhoods in Austria, the city quarter Rusovce came with the initiative for a regular bus line Rusovce – Kittsee. The negotiations started in August last year. Until now no real progress… ‘

(article in Slovak)

link to the article

Traveling with the post


Information on traveling between the two cities with the express post carriages. Material from Der Reise-Secretär; Ein geographisches Posthandbuch für Reisende, Kaufleute, Geschäftsmänner und Postbeamte. Erster Band. Verfasst und herausgegeben von Franz Kaffelsperger, Wien, 1829-1830. Scanned by Google.

Mayor of Wolfsthal speaks Slovak


aktualne.atlas.sk: Aren’t you afraid that Wolfsthal will change to a Slovak village – that there will be more Slovaks than Austrians?

Gerhard Schödinger: Not at all. Firstly, we are not planning any further big development projects, secondly, the citizenship state in one’s passport is of second-range importance to me. People living here are simply Wolfsthal people to me and therefore members of the community.

I always tell the skeptics that we all have the same visions on how to live well. So where’s the problem? And according to this rule we behave in Wolfsthal and building the infrastructure testifies this. We’re glad that life came to the community together with young families.


An interview with Wolfsthal’s mayor Gerhard Schödinger about Wolfsthal’s development, its focus on middle class and young families, about relationship to Bratislava or Vienna and about details of cooperation between villages and city parts.

Read more in Slovak: http://aktualne.atlas.sk/starosta-wolfstahlu-slovakom-sme-povedali-aby-sa-zdravili/slovensko/spolocnost/