Migration echoes

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Paradoxically, the refugee crisis didn’t exacerbate the EU-skepticism in those countries which received the most refugees, but in those areas which are struggling with massive emigration. A prime example of this are the Eastern European states, from which many young, talented people migrated to the Western Europe. Migration means therefore a loss of competitiveness and a waste of resources for them.

– Ivan Krastev (read in German via link)

Response to ‘Controversial Austrian Document’


screenshot from the document ‘Grenzfall Kittsee’ by ORF, in the time of publishing this post unavailable to watch

As a response to the short documentary by ORF about enormous growth of the village of Kittsee, Slovak tabloid press released a short text, taking out the most critical sentences and suggesting that the Slovak people living in the village are not able to integrate and are ‘pulling themselves’ to the West.

Article in Slovak: http://vas.cas.sk/clanok/9858/kontroverzny-dokument-rakusanov-o-slovakoch-sme-neprisposobivi-a-tahame-sa-na-zapad.html