SK/AT – video documentation of the workshop


short clip showing the activities that led to the exhibitions SK/AT in Vienna and Bratislava in autumn 2014.

thanks to Jakub Šípoš for the video!

High voltage in fences on the Czechoslovak border was kept secret


former Czechoslovak minister for Internal Affairs, Lubomir Strougal

High voltage in the fence on the borders during Communism might be classified in Czech Republic as crime against humanity. Slovak side says it was a part of the legislative of those times.

(article in Slovak)

Kopčany – the other part of Kittsee


The original village of Kittsee used to be larger and reached as far as the present territory of Slovakia. After the border demarcation of 1919, only the western part lies further on Austrian territory. The eastern part became a part of the fifth district of Bratislava, Petržalka and carries the Slovak name Kopčany.

photos by Martina