BAUM Project – strategy of development for Bratislava and neighboring region


BAUM (BratislavA Umland Management) is a project of transborder cooperation between Bratislava and neighboring Austrian villages. Its aim is to coordinate the urbanistic plan of Bratislava, its city parts and Austrian villages and towns.
The project has been running since 2011. Part of the larger public discussion had been the eventual building of hydropower plant in the region and a pipeline. One of the most recent outputs is Urbanistic study of development of border parts of Bratislava and neighboring villages. Bratislava as being the main partner of the project organizes a public discussion on the results of architectural competition for this study until July 25th.

As a part of it, the citizens can attend a public meeting on July 7th at 6 pm in the Mirror Hall of Primatial Palace in Bratislava. 

Read more about the project (in Slovak and German)

Border as self-definition: the village of Bildein


The village of Bildein saw their their geographic position directly on the border with Hungary not only as an opportunity to base their identity upon, but also as a main characteristics to foster tourism in this village with altogether less than 350 citizens (2011). One of their activities is ‘Grenzerfahrungsweg,’ /to be roughly translated as ‘walk of border experience’/ focused on a reflection of what a border means through specific stations, introducing also WWII and Iron Curtain. They offer a variety of activities for tourists, where they also do not forget to introduce local (transborder) cuisine.

In their projects, they collaborate also with neighboring villages in Hungary.

Read more about the walk here (website in German):
Bildein provides a rich example of how can a place (self-)define the notion of a border. Which kind of vocabulary connected to the main concept of ‘border’ is being created by their own approach? How is their own positioning affected by the distance to a bigger city/town?