Mayor of Wolfsthal speaks Slovak

Uncategorized Aren’t you afraid that Wolfsthal will change to a Slovak village – that there will be more Slovaks than Austrians?

Gerhard Schödinger: Not at all. Firstly, we are not planning any further big development projects, secondly, the citizenship state in one’s passport is of second-range importance to me. People living here are simply Wolfsthal people to me and therefore members of the community.

I always tell the skeptics that we all have the same visions on how to live well. So where’s the problem? And according to this rule we behave in Wolfsthal and building the infrastructure testifies this. We’re glad that life came to the community together with young families.


An interview with Wolfsthal’s mayor Gerhard Schödinger about Wolfsthal’s development, its focus on middle class and young families, about relationship to Bratislava or Vienna and about details of cooperation between villages and city parts.

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901 – public transport across state borders



Image901 is a public bus with which you can travel from Bratislava (from under Most SNP) to Wolfsthal or Hainburg an der Donau or the other way round. It started to work on 24th May 2008 on the route to Wolfsthal and since 21th March 2009, the end stop was put to Hainburg an der Donau. This so-called regional bus will take you on this route with some exceptions once per hour. It is run by Bratislava’s public transport state company, Dopravný podnik.
901 connects the inner city of Bratislava with one stop (Most SNP) and the nearby shopping centre of Aupark (Einsteinova stop) with Wolfsthal, more stations in Hainburg an der Donau, finally stopping at its area with supermarkets, reaching its end within less than half an hour. 

901 was the first public transport line to go across the state borders. The second one followed on 1st October 2010 – with the line 801 starting directly from the New Building of Slovak National Theatre, you can travel to Rajka in Hungary. Buses of this line have been subsidized by European Union.

Want to take a ride? Regular fare costs 1.50 EUR, reduced 0.75 EUR…